Hello my fellow Freak Flag Flyers! Today’s Ravens Reel takes us back on a short hop in our clean cosmic-power propelled time machine to October 13th, 2016 -In the fine city of Indianapolis, Indiana. This current tour is full of so many gems and our planets house band has been locking in nightly. This show has quite the little “Easter Egg” in it, which I’ll of course spoil. So…spoiler alert! We get the party going with what used to be a regular set opener Let’s Go Let’s Go. Then into a really tight Forever As The Moon. Next is the new song that I feel is turning into such a monster stomp live. We “bury the cash” with Leave My Guitar Alone. Tony’s kick will stop your heart in this one so have the paddles ready! Oak Apple gives us a sweet treat and then Star Or Stone is its usual wonderful self with Neal pushing it and pushing it from the 5 minute mark on of this 10:45 gem. Meanwhile is up next with a really cool climb up that mountain until we fall into that uptempo groove we all are waiting for at the end. That > smoothly into an absolutely beautiful California Hymn. Another song I’m falling more in love with daily. Adam, our Wizard, shines on this song. Jeff then starts to thump that bass line and brings us to a fantastic Beggars Moon that goes a little bit of everywhere. In that good California Freak kind of way. Shine a light shine light. CR calls set and we collect ourselves. Not for long as Cannonball Rag does just that to start set 2. Tomorrow Blues never was more welcome. Again, Adam just bleeding all over this thing. Having Jeff as a tether is as solid a foundation you could have to get a little “out there”, we are lucky to have him on board. A little soul gets in with Precious, then my favorite Gram Parsons song, (wait it’s a CRB original?), Shadow Cosmos is just studio clean. Adam’s train signals and we are off into Shore Power. Glad to see it back regularly. Then this is the fiery planet core, Ain’t It Hard>Ain’t Hiding>Narcissus. I can’t even explain how great this is, just go listen! Pay attention at the 4:12 mark into Ain’t Hiding. You will “FREAK OUT”!! They get into a HUGE “Le Freak” jam! The old Chic disco song. The groove falls perfectly and Adam rides it. Disco balls and pushy doormen appear. Not really, but it’s GREAT! Those little things keep us on our toes. The funky tight flagship of the new album closes the set. The encore is very special. Always a fan of the JGB version of Positively 4th Street, I love when the guys dig into this one. And this may be the best one in awhile. Another stellar show from what’s been a stellar year from our favorite band. Get this show quick at the link below and dazzle all your friends! Freak On!!

Check out our gallery from this night here: https://ravensreelsalmanac.net/catching-dreams/live-on-stage/nggallery/2016/10-13-16—Deluxe-at-Old-National-Centre—Indianapolis,-IN


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