For our first entry into the Raven’s Reels Almanac we are taking the correlating potions to go up and come back down in early fall 2012. This is a classic 2012 show from the start. That ominous nodding tone from Adam gets us started with a bouncing Someday Past The Sunset. Tomorrow Blues>Mother Of Stone has a funky tonal transition with Adam and Neal going back and forth at each other like psychedelic heavyweights. A sort of call and response instrumental sparring session. Then Chris breaks in and continues the darker tone of this first set with a wonderful vocal, vibing with his “Doors-ish” rhythm he lays down in this song. My favorite Mother Of Stone hands down. Wheel Don’t Roll and an amazing as always Train Robbers leads us to a huge Bertha. Jerry was smiling down this evening for sure. More “Stone” with a lengthy Star Or Stone that I wished was even longer. An ABSOLUTELY MUST HEAR Blue Suede Shoes closes the first set. Let’s Go Let’s Go switches things into uptempo Sock-Hop mode before a great run of CRB. Tulsa Yesterday always pleases but this one at over 11 minutes plus is particularly nice. A quick Crash On The Levee and then we land in the old west (Eden) for a stunningly beautiful Tumbleweed. Neal’s guitar passages from peak to peak give those good goosebumps we all seek. Then it’s time to put the kids to bed and and prepare properly for Disc 3. Kicking off with our Hallucination Nations anthem, Sunday Sound into an always cosmic Vibration/Suite that leaves you needing more sensory surfing music. We get a breather to enjoy all the guys following Chris into Silver Car. Another aching, haunting vocal with Neal’s tone matching CR note for note, while the Wizard subtly soothes our pain away on keys. Then the big finish with a BIG Rosalee. They treat Chicago to a 2 song encore of Reflections and the soul of Got Love If You Want It. This is a show you need in your collection. Whether it be hard copy which I’m lucky and blessed enough to have here, or download. The mix is perfect and the setlist has something for every mood. But as a whole it’s an A+ show that has lots to reveal in repeated listens! Check the setlist below and make it yours via the link below!

And Check our gallery for this show here,8557/Chris-Robinson-Brotherhood-mp3-flac-download-9-6-2012-CRB-Ravens-Reels-Chicago-IL.html

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