The famous 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. has seen its share of amazing performances. Previously known primarily for hosting some of the worlds best underground, rock, punk and new wave music at its original location. Their new digs may be updated, but they still hold all the prestige and name recognition of the old. Welcoming the finest touring acts on a nightly basis. Last fall (11/20/2016) the cosmic sounds of the Brotherhoods circus came to town, giving the Sunday night crowd one of the hottest shows of the tour. And a show with a little setlist switch-a-roo you’ll dig.

Tony got the evening started, nearly putting his pedal through the kick while driving the band through a blistering Leave My Guitar Alone. CR really getting into the lyrics, perhaps feeling it his duty to spread that California message to the nations capital, “the growers grow the green and HAVE to bury the cash”. They tip the preverbal cap to their steady gal who safely carries them around this great country in New Cannonball. Neal with a perfectly paced solo over a swinging, jazzy rhythm. At nearly 12 minutes they open it up early and let the Cannonball roll. Downshifting a bit into Tornado, with needle sharp accents and some dizzying keys from Adam. Usually the heart of the show comes during a three, four or five song stretch in the second set. But here, they pull a flip flop of sorts and we get the large exploratory section early. Starting with a rollicking Clear Blue Sky (without the Good Doctor) full of all types of double time barroom boogie in a really fun closing section. They segue without a hitch into a first set Sunday Sound, always a hallmark of a special show. The crowd picks up on this and you can hear their roaring excitement and anticipation of what’s to come. CR strums the band in along with Adams unfolding blanket of sounds. Once they stomp through the first half of the song, it’s time for Tony to lay down that addictive groove, as he and Adam alone take their funky walk, the Wizard twisting every knob and emptying his basket of magic. Meanwhile In The Gods follows as they continue this exploratory first set. Careful and delicate, they dance along the mountains edge. Eventually leaping off in unison and gliding down in a beautiful cascade of musical bliss. Neal uses the pace to build momentum and turns in some really unique twists on his signature solo here. The music seems to breathe, rise and fall, eventually exploding with a feeling of uncontrolled precision that only the CRB can conjure. Everyone meets at the bottom, provided by Jeff’s low end, for a big jam full of funk groove and bluesy guitar riffs. A drum roll from Tony and we head straight into the west coast gospel of California Hymn. Jeff again holding down the low end lounge, rattling your speakers and massaging your soul. Adams riverboat keys paint this with all the atmosphere of a Sunday night spiritual. A rip roaring and joyful Hello L.A. is great way to end this amazing set. Sunday services are well underway!


They open back up with the Stones raunchy rocker Let It Bleed. Full of swagger and slide from Neal this song gets this tight, song oriented second set off to a rocking start. The energy bleeds over into a powerful Forever As The Moon and eventually the sweet sounds of Oak Apple Day. Jeff’s bass lines are the star as he guides our tour, accompanied by maybe the best vocal of the night in a cloudy but beautiful 100 Days Of Rain. CR’s rhythm guitar always stands out in this song, but tonight his purposeful strumming is extra inspired by the band in full flight behind him. They nearly take the roof off the venue with a big, jovial version of Down Home Girl. One that gives every member a chance to step out an shine, Including a excellent harmonica breakdown by CR. Shadow Cosmos has some heartstring plucking steel guitar sounds from Neal and continues to be a favorite among this new batch of tunes. They close the set with a staggering left right combo. First connecting with the now unmistakable Narcissus, packed with guitars and galactic language. The back end has a quick but fun jam that sets up this locomotive-like Shore Power that burns down the house. They emerge for the encore and leave the crowd with a Garcia Band styled take on After Midnight. One that rides along for nearly 10 minutes on time traveling concoctions. Jeff again a standout, sounding off like a modern day Kahn. Man, this show is just powerful and extremely smile and dance inducing! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now passed the 20th entry here in our Ravens Reels Almanac, I want to thank everyone, old friends and new, for the overwhelming and heartwarming response. The support this has gained has truly been inspiring and is the utmost compliment to both the community we have and this incredible band. Without their kindness and attitude toward a family and communal experience, none of this could happen. It’s such a beautiful thing to see first hand how all of us are able to connect through this music. Forming relationships and bonds that will last a lifetime. And it’s all based in a love for each other and of course our love for the CRB! Let’s keep this train rolling! Freak On brother and sisters!

Check out the gallery from this night here:—930-Club—Washington,-DC

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Chris Robinson Brotherhood
9:30 Club
Washington D.C.

Leave My Guitar Alone
New Cannonball Rag
Clear Blue Sky
Sunday Sound
Meanwhile In The Gods
California Hymn
Hello L.A. Bye Bye Birmingham
Let It Bleed
Forever As The Moon
Oak Apple Day
100 Days Of Rain
Down Home Girl
Shadow Cosmos
Narcissus Soaking Wet
Shore Power
After Midnight

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