Hello all my fellow beautiful CRBeings! I hope this finds you immersed in all the Sunday Sounds that make you smile. Today’s entry into our Ravens Reels Almanac is one I’ve had multiple requests and questions about. It seems quite a few of our congregation were in attendance and wanted some reassurance that what they recall in fact, actually happened. Well sometimes it just goes like that, right? Those nights when we leave the venue in an almost stunned silence. The experience still too close to objectively recall, taking on an almost mythological feel as time passes. This was one of those nights. May 22nd, 2014 (5/22/14) was and still is a forceful show that has one or the most amazing journeys into the depths of the song Ride you’ll ever hear. We’ll get to that eventually, but the path that leads us there is paved by one worthy and joyful occasion after another. Let’s take our trip through this cosmic evening at the Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz, California.

No offense to the rest of this great country, but it seems these California shows always seem to find the guys in great spirits and the music in top form. They open up with Let’s Go Let’s Go, followed by a quick Shore Power that does a nice job of warming up the crowd and the Brotherhoods engine. Besides the energy these opening songs always hold, the great moods mentioned are on full display as we get lots of stage banter early from CR. The first big vibration of the evening doesn’t take long to appear as a skittering Meanwhile opens this memorable first run. This one has a very late 60’s L.A. vibe. The band takes a big portion of what’s usually the build up to the jam and just colors it with some beautiful atmosphere. The jam never forms, instead we get a long breezy stretch with Adam dialing in some particularly unique tones, perfectly steering the band and crowds collective consciousness into one. When this reaches a near trance like state, they break through the haze by launching into a bouncing Lizzie Mae that has a great rap from CR at the end. A 100 Days that’s as smooth and soothing as a summer rain takes us into a cover of the Dead’s legendary Ramble On Rose. This respectful version pays close tribute to the original as Neal plays the key Garcia licks with a passion and reverence that shows perfectly how they are THE band to carry on the California psychedelic sound. Adams’ keys give it a loose Keith 78′ feel, “A hundred verses in ragtime”. Another highlight comes in this Tulsa Yesterday that seems to be building a sort of pressure from the start. Once the songs charted structure can’t hold the band back any longer we get a 15 minute brain-bending bag of bliss. Neal plays a lead solo that acts as a sort of last call for everyone to come aboard and strap in. The explorations begin and we take off into a gigantic jam that is the sound of a psychedelic rock & roll frenzy. They fall into a relaxed groove after the jam peaks and we come down to a connecting About A Stranger. One of my favorite songs, this one has a melodic ease that perfectly matches the imagery. “My love is what this Autumn brings.” A boogie woogie romp through Shake Rattle & Roll is a great ending to this set and even now, listening back I was instantly ready for more!


The second set opens with Jump The Turnstiles, getting the blood flowing and the crowd moving. The sweet sounds of Wheel Don’t Roll delivers a little West Coast 70’s Americana feel and takes us nicely into a beautiful Train Robbers. The bottom seems to fall out early and this soulful take rests firmly on the lower frequencies. Only rising above it through the soaring solos of Adam and Neal. They march through a feisty Beggars Moon, arriving at the point where the set ignites! Clear Blue Sky/Good Doctor serves as a runway of sorts and holds one of the best Good Doctor breakdowns, with the entire band pulling every ounce of feel and color out the sequence. It ends with 3 minutes of eerie, almost ambient type sound, leading to the centerpiece of both the set and show. A 17 minute version of Ride that is the CRB at their freak-folk-funk finest! The band fires through the verse/chorus part, leaving them the remaining 12 minutes to explore some truly psychedelic improvisational territory. The opening half rides along on CR’s driving rhythm guitar, Adam going delightfully insane with every knob and pedal in a circus style freak out jam, the bands Freak Flag waving high and proud. Eventually it all dissolves back into the same early Pink Floyd sounding lysergic madness that ended Clear Blue/Good Doctor. Slowing forming a rhythm layered with CR’s shaman like calls, echoed by the band in a very ceremonial like fashion. One of the main purposes of this RRA is to call out these types of moments and this is yet another MUST hear!! Ain’t Hiding comes right behind this insanity with a delicate, rising intro, giving the feeling of emerging from a fever dream. Neal’s blistering solo leaps forward before the first verse and they blaze through, finally giving everyone a breather with the aching ballad Last Place That Love Lives. One last dose of cosmic California comes in a Rosalee that blows the doors off the venue. They return to light the lingering fuse of Burn Slow. I love this song anywhere, especially when it opens a two song encore. Neal’s solo carries so much weight you can almost feel it pulling you down into the songs fire. The final song of the night is an uncanny cover of one of my favorite songs of all time, Older Guys by the Flying Burrito Brothers. A fitting end to a glorious night in Santa Cruz.

Besides the wonderful exploratory performance, this show has a flawless soundstage and mix, making it a true delight. One of my standouts in a year and tour full of them. You can grab it simply by clicking the link! I hope you all have a relaxing extended weekend full of great music and good friends. None of this darkness can hide the light of love so let’s all turn those love lights on! And as always Freak On sisters and brothers!

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Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Rio Theatre
Santa Cruz, California

Let’s Go Let’s Go Let’s Go
Shore Power
Meanwhile In The Gods
Little Lizzie Mae
100 Days Of Rain
Ramble On Rose
Tulsa Yesterday
About A Stranger
Shake Rattle & Roll
Jump The Turnstile
If Your Wheel Don’t Roll
Train Robbers
Beggar’s Moon
Clear Blue Skies/Good Doctor
I Ain’t Hiding
Last Place That Love Lives
Burn Slow
Older Guys

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