The weekend has arrived and I’ve got just the show to keep it all extra groovy. Late summer in Vermont may not be as hopping as the seasons when the snowfall brings the masses to Stowe, nicknamed “The Ski Capital of the East”. But it was the place to be on this night (8/5/2016) as CRB cruised into town and unloaded one of their best shows of the tour. The barn-like interior of the Rusty Nail did all it could to contain the band as they roared through 2 sets of their finest cosmic California rock and roll.

A one-two punch consisting of Leave My Guitar Alone and Forever As The Moon hits first, with all the power of a jet engines wash. Tony’s kick intro on the former, as usual, is like being trampled under foot. Neal bringing out one levitating solo after another, and in Forever/Moon his wicked warbling slide gives a delightfully uneasy feeling. Matching the songs mood perfectly as they prove this may not be an all peace and love kinda evening. We do get a little laid back California Bakersfield vibe with the rhythm and bounce of Wheel Don’t Roll. The Joe Tex R&B staple I Want To Do Everything For You, gives CR a chance to put some serious soul into the set and leads into Star Or Stone. Some masterful work from the rhythm section here keeping everything in time as Neal turns in some beautiful seeking solos that never seem to peak. CR’s opening riff chugs the band into a blazing Lizzie Mae with a big jam pushed along by Adam and his piano in full boogie mode. The song segues smoothly into the golden shore gospel call of California Hymn, “forever roam, welcome back home”. Neal circles this like a shark, cutting through with some amazing leads while the band lopes along with ease. Next comes a big, jammed version of Hard To Handle. Adam sprinkles some magic dust all over this one and helps get the song into some really funky places as they bring the set to fevered close.


Set 2 starts with some fun, in the form of a Rolling Stones “Bitch” tease/riff before they fire through New Cannonball. Their ode to Lilly Of The Alley rolls along nicely with some extra activity from our Wizard near the end, serving as a prelude of sorts to a early set Sunday Sound. We get a classic piano version from our Acid-Amadeus as the band takes us along for a ride on this California comet. A strut and jive through Ain’t It Hard But Fair follows, leading to a 100 Days that is nothing short of a Neal Casal showcase, turning in a couple beautiful solos before they segue seamlessly into Never Been To Spain. This Tony Joe White cover glides along in a tight pocket, letting Tony and Jeff show off a bit while also getting everyone up and moving. Neal’s melting slide work is particularly notable here and it all seems to be clicking, a high point in the set for sure. If there’s a band doing Dylan better right now I’ve not heard them, and this may be the Baby Blue of the tour. At nearly ten and a half minutes, it benefits from Tony’s tumbling drum beat as they carry over that groove from the previous song. Neal delivers a creative solo that’s impressive and impossible not to smile through. A stunningly beautiful Shadow Cosmos turns out to be our farewell to the earthbound as the show enters some major intergalactic funk with the following Vibration>Narcissus! Listen to how CR’s rhythm guitar drives them toward the purple-blackhole in Vibration. Once they get close the entire band is pulled in and listening is the musical equivalent of the time and space travel sequence in 2001 A Space Odyssey. Constantly picking up speed but becoming more and more beautiful at the same time. This isn’t any out of control ship though, instead, it’s a very focused parliament style jam that dips into the all out soulful stride of Narcissus. The encore continues the shows flow as the rage through After Midnight at near breakneck pace. Still hitting every angle and corner during this nearly 10 minute rhythm fest to close out one of my favorite shows of the tour.

Be careful listening to this one in the car, you may very well find yourself trying to match the shows speed and groove and end up well over the posted limits. But regardless where you listen, you do want to listen. This is a wonderful night that you’ll dig getting back into over and over. We are heading back to the bands home base of San Francisco next so watch for new Almanac entries coming soon. And on a weekend when the guys are in Vegas with Uncle Phil (webcast and soundboards available through Nugs) let’s all remember that classic line..”one way or another, this darkness has got to give”. Love can and will conquer any hate, so let’s flood the world with smiles and kindness. And don’t forget to Freak On brother and sisters!

Check out our gallery from this night here :—The-Rusty-Nail—Stowe,-VT

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Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Rusty Nail
Stowe, Vermont

Leave My Guitar Alone
Forever As The Moon
Wheel Don’t Roll
I Want To Do Everything For You Star Or Stone
Little Lizzie Mae
California Hymn
Hard To Handle
New Cannonball Rag
Sunday Sound
Ain’t It Hard But Fair
100 Days Of Rain
Never Been To Spain
It’s All Over Now Baby Blue
Shadow Cosmos
Vibration & Light Suite
Narcissus Soaking Wet
After Midnight

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