For our 23rd entry into our community’s Almanac we revisit the seismic shift that occurred along the time and space fault line known, on this night (10/25/2012), as Charleston, S.C. This is one I’m very passionate about and I’ll get a little long winded so let’s jump right in! Turn on your head and take the trip!!

The show opens with 2 minutes of slide and atmosphere before we hear a single familiar note or riff. Setting the mood right away for this shifting Someday Past The Sunset. Neal has his Mr B’s glowing early with a nice slinky solo right out of the gate. This version also has a very unique ending, with CR hanging on the “Known by the Known……..”, then they launch into an energetic Jump The Turnstile. We get swept away on a soulful, blues filled road trip with Eagles On The Highway. It’s during the big finish here that it becomes obvious this is a special night, the band in lock step mentally at every turn. One of the real treats of the set is a tear through the Grateful Dead classic Bertha, with the ease and power of 1973. 30 minutes of some of the best CRB you’ll ever hear follows in a stretch consisting of Star Or Stone/Vibration/Silver Car. The beautiful first half of Star or Stone is filled with flawless harmonies and perfect time and tone. Neal’s solo takes over and leads the band into another dimension in the big second half take off jam. Vibration is a 15 minute jet plane ride at low altitude through twisting, jagged soundscapes. CR’s vocal breaking through, keeping us grounded somewhat at first, before we eventually emerge through the clouds and begin climbing into outer space. All fueled by Adam and Neal’s cosmic conjuring and pushed by a powerful driving rhythm. “Set fire to the sails, cut the horses free.” The sounds bend and morph as the beat shifts and slows, changing keys until we find ourselves back in familiar territory. Back on that road trip we started earlier in the set, this time arriving via Silver Car. The vocals echo through the mix, perfectly delivering the songs feel. Chris then hits those opening licks, leading the band into Poor Elijah. Neal back with the slide as they fall into the pocket early and remain there throughout this 12 minute master class. A BIG rave up at the back end is the sound of a flying saucer landing in the middle of a blues club in the Mississippi Delta. You’ll understand when you hear it. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Set 2 starts with Jimmy Reed’s Bright Lights Big City which acts as a destination for the shows second half theme. More slide from Neal as this strides along nicely. This is one of my favorite sets and when taken as whole, creates a little world you can inhabit via headphones or whatever device you’re using. It really gets going with this 100 Days that builds to a feverish pitch before bowing to the shuffle and the outlaws of Badlands. They barrel through, avoiding all the characters pitfalls, arriving at the precision intro to Tulsa Yesterday, continuing the sets old, midwest vibe. This Tulsa is amazing folks. Neal’s first big solo has a gritty feel that takes us through the full band harmony of the breakdown. After which things begin to come unhinged, in the best possible way. They are headed through the pass, freak flag in the wind, at speeds that threaten to break a spoke or even an axle! But what a glorious sound, as the band takes flight, carried away into the dust and smoke. Neal diving here, Adam firing there, CR’s rhythm acting as base for all the proceedings. Then, our spaceship sightings return. We can’t see it but we can hear it’s propulsion system in Adams auditory offerings. Finally the wagon slows into a perfectly fitting Wheel Don’t Roll. What comes next is one of the best moments in the CRB archives. Technically a cover, the epic Girl On A Mountain is absolutely devastating. This version has a weight to it that’s only rivaled by the one that came a few months later at the GAMH and ended up on Betty’s Blends Volume One. They take this one over 13 minutes, with CR proving once again that he is one of the best to ever do it. Listen to Neal’s sound when he comes in after the bridge. A solo that will drive a dagger through your heart and soul. The last 5 minutes of the song finds our travelers picking up speed again, the horses in a full run for the west coast. Maybe spooked by the mothership following close behind, our Wizard and his phasers in control. The ominous sound of fear surrounds as the jam peaks and eventually dissolves. We take one collective breath and look around. We made it! But somehow years ahead in time. We didn’t shake the mothership after all, we have been transported into present day California traffic as they rip into our Hallucination Nations anthem, Sunday Sound. Adam takes over and we are treated to an array of sounds that only our intergalactic entourage could create. This 10 minute exploration has a little of everything and our set is now and all out attack on the senses. No trip to the golden shore is complete without a visit to Miss Rosalee, right?! They take it up one more notch for this blast along the coastline that closes one of the best sets available. What else could come in this shows double encore spot than a lead off Beach Boys tune? Sail On Sailor is a true delight, but they don’t leave it there. A very Byrds-esque I Am A Pilgrim is one last lap of low country love and vibes perfectly with the set. Closing out this performance that’s made every top 10 list I’ve penned this past few years.

South Carolina has been the scene of many amazing Brotherhood shows, and this is one of the the best IMO. I’m already working on the next entry and it’s a hot one from this recent 2016 tour, so stay tuned! Also there is something very special in the works for the CRB and Ravens Reels Almanac fans who would like to get their Brotherhood news in an old school newsletter format. So keep an eye on this page for subscribing info coming soon. Thanks again for all your love and support. This is the greatest fan base on the planet and I’m extremely grateful to call so many of you friends. Grab this show by clicking the link and let it work its magic! Let’s also all lay a little love down tomorrow/today and see what a beautiful world we can create for each other! Freak On brothers and sisters!!

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Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Pour House
Charleston, South Carolina

Someday Past The Sunset
Jump The Turnstile
Eagles On The Highway
Star Or Stone
Vibration & Light Suite
Silver Car
Poor Elijah
Bright Lights
Big City
100 Days Of Rain
Badlands Here We Come
Tulsa Yesterday
If Your Wheel Don’t Roll
Girl On The Mountain
Sunday Sound
Sail On Sailor ,
I Am A Pilgrim

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