This past summer found our galactic gang in fine form. Delivering their unique style of California acid washed rock and roll all across the country. Late July (7/26/2016) brought them into Neal’s old stomping grounds of New Jersey. This show, from the famous Stone Pony in Asbury Park, was highly anticipated and had the community all abuzz before it’s last notes even faded. Lots of friends and family were in attendance on the Jersey Show and they witnessed one of the years hottest shows, in many ways.

The band comes right out and absolutely stomps through Leave My Guitar Alone. A really powerful version complete with a little E. Street strut and harmony. Neal steps on a pedal and lifts off into a big closing solo and we are all left to look around and wonder just what are we in for tonight! CR mentions a “sardine trip” and off we go into the ominous tones of Forever As The Moon. The song casts its long shadow, allowing the band to dart through with a quick, biting pace, eventually ending with the uplifting line and title of their last masterpiece, “anyway you love, we know how you feel”. They ride this optimistic upswing into the late 60’s sound of Wheel Don’t Roll followed by the soulful stroll of I Want To Do Everything For You. The set really starts to open up over this next run of songs and the whole evening takes on a special glow. Starting with a Star or Stone that has a truly epic feel. The sound created as the band begins to merge behind Neal’s solo at the half way point is as haunting as a deserted boardwalk ballroom. Meanwhile In The Gods provides a few minutes of levity before descending into a jazzy spiral that gets heavier as it builds toward the fall. Once they release us into the outro groove/jam it’s an all out blissful path straight into the “Glory Hallelujah” of California Hymn. We are all compelled to stand up and testify until Tony’s rhythm starts to skitter and roll and Neal finally drives the message home with a big bending finish. We then move seamlessly into a set closing Beggars Moon that shimmies and shakes the dance floor of dreams until it’s crowded and jumping.


New Cannonball carries us through some fine peaks to get the second set rolling. It also finds Jeff really getting on and off with some heavy bombs as they bring it down to a tight shuffle. Then launching into Oak Apple, driven by the Wizards warbling keys. One of the tours most beautiful renditions of Shadow Cosmos slows the proceedings down a notch as CR turns in maybe the nights best vocal. This song is an escape every time I hear it but this is one where it all really comes together. Neal’s steel guitar effect and CR’s calls cry out in unison, combining with a rhythm section that perfectly accentuates the song. An amazing version. Jeff comes in heavy with with that Bill Lee bass line and drives the band through a smoking version of Dylan’s classic It’s All Over Now Baby Blue. The following “Dirty Diamond Trip” known as Ain’t It Hard But Fair could easily pass for another Dylan track. The momentum of sound starts to swell as they take us through CR’s funky rap, then explode into Shore Power, the energy building toward the shows big climax. But not before Neal’s guitar wails over the New York City breakdown. The Freak California couldn’t be held back any longer and the show reaches extraterrestrial territory in this 25 minute closing sequence of Vibration>Narcissus. Adam takes us on wavelengths that surely have origins in the deepest of space. His lab of sounds reaching into every corner of the vast CRB galaxy. Neal comes soaring in around the 10 minute mark and the band gels into a spacey atonal jam that twists and morphs, finally allowing Narcissus to emerge. The stargazing funk takes over as they thump and groove, blasting our heads with one last beam of boogie and ride it all the way in, closing the set. The double encore is a double dose of Gram Parsons/The Byrds. Neal has stated his love for the band many times and the home town hero gets to sing some great harmony on both Hickory Wind and 100 Years From Now. Adam’s traditional piano on each of these is both delicate and precise. I really dig when they come right out of the spacey vibes of those set closers and juxtapose them against these country/rock classics. Nobody does cosmic cool like the Brotherhood.

I’ve stated this opinion many times, but I’ll say it once more. This past summer, fall and winter has truly been one amazing show after another. They hit the road with these new songs and allowed us to listen as the grew and developed into staples in the live catalog. Songs like Shadow Cosmos, California Hymn and Narcissus, I will just never tire of hearing. And they add little jams and things here and there that make each one special and a little different than the last. You really can’t go wrong with any show you choose. And I sincerely thank you for allowing me to share some of my favorites. The love and feedback has honestly been surprising and humbling. I love hearing your stories and I know all the fellow freaks do as well. Our community has grown into such a wonderful, caring group. Helping each other at every turn. CR said it best “let nothing come between you and the love you make”. Freak On brother and sisters!!

Check out the gallery from this show here :

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Chris Robinson Brotherhood
The Stone Pony
Asbury Park, New Jersey

Leave My Guitar Alone
Forever As The Moon
Wheel Don’t Roll
I Want To Do Everything For You Star Or Stone
Meanwhile In The Gods
California Hymn
Beggar’s Moon
New Cannonball Rag
Oak Apple Day
Shadow Cosmos
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
Ain’t It Hard But Fair
Shore Power
Vibration And Light Suite
Narcissus Soaking Wet
Hickory Wind
100 Years From Now

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