“Sky mouthed, lotus eyed, flash of fang can hypnotize any old heathen.” Just across across Lake Pontchartrain from the famous Highway 61 lies the Sin City of the South, New Orleans, Louisiana. One of the greatest cities in the world and one where you’ll find music spilling out into the streets from almost every window. It also holds one of the nations most prestigious music venues, the venerable halls of Tipitinas. You are met at the door by a bust of the great Roy Byrd, better known as “Professor Longhair”, one of the most influential and recognizable piano stylist ever. This was a night of some serious bayou boogie where all the right things were moving down in the swamps. So let’s go and shine some light on this gem from October 10th, 2015. Laissez le bon temps rouler….

This rock and roll revival gets underway with a charged cover of Taking Care Of Business that had the entire house moving and grooving as one. The collective sunshine continued into the laid back lope of Tomorrow Blues as the incense heavy air filled with outstretched arms. Neal rips off his first big solo here and when everyone comes back for the songs big final stomp, It’s clear that the vibe is more than just alright tonight. Next, this version of Roan County Banjo has a little extra pep and is one of the first set highlights. You’re really going to dig the big swirling acid-tinged closing section with Adam blasting away at the base of our skulls. Roan County’s wavy kin, Oak Apple Day, slows things just a beat but stays in the same vein and also features CR really working over the rhythm. I don’t think he gets enough credit for his musicianship and he really shines here. When you are hit with those first notes of The Music’s Hot, can’t you just feel the boogie creeping up your spine? They launch into the groove and we are all together, dancing from one celestial star to the next, eyes closed and connected by the energy building from the stage. The music is starting to take on a different form at this point. You hear it from your speakers but it’s now working it’s way into every cell in your body. The set reaches its first lofty, lysergic peak just after the halfway point of this gorgeous Star Or Stone. It’s also the first door you’ll enter as you begin a 45 minute closing run of music that’s the reason we listen to this band, and why you are here, reading this now. Just after the harmony filled bridge of this “Star”, we enter a truly dream like passage. Neal and Adam lead the way with waves of ethereal tones as the song goes from its peaceful hallways into a raging, stormy jam before effortlessly coming back down for the second verse. They allow Tulsa Yesterday to smolder and shake before unleashing one of the years best versions. This one gets really exploratory and the improvisational jam stretches well passed the 14 minute mark. It’s also got a really cool closing section where they slow the tempo and give us a spacey four minute waltz to the finish. The rock n roll school bell rings and cosmic class is clearly in session as they close the set with this rowdy Poor Elijah that finds Neal layering on one glowing slide solo after another. An outstanding first set of tunes that was just the start of this magical night in New Orleans.


A punchy and powerful Saturday Night leads off the second set and starts an opening flurry of sparkling musical activity. Ain’t It Hard But Fair follows and hits like a locomotive in pursuit of an electric muse as they crest one harrowing hill after another before tearing into the furious rush of Shore Power. Listen to the way the band laces together the edgy grit of the “New York City” breakdown as CR scats and crawls to the songs soulful chugging finale. Adam is back and firing away through a harmony packed Reflections On A Broken Mirror that will ricochet around in your soul for quite some time. The CRB then break into the funky strut and Dead Americana of West L.A. Fadeaway and the set takes a turn into some fire breathing psychedelia for its glorious closing run. The jam heavy “Fadeaway” is full of California vibe and accents, foreshadowing the exploration that is to come. The feral intensity of Vibration & Light Suite comes on quick and heavy and leads to some mesmerizing stretches where the band, all breathing from the same tank in their deep space descent, are at their creative best. Every jam and peak seems to spur on the next until the disco funk domino falls, triggering a relatively quick but potent I Ain’t Hiding. The set closes with a slow building take on Slim Harpo’s Got Love It You Want It that is chomping at the boogie bit from the start. Neal and Adams slide and organ fills accentuate the tension perfectly, acting as auditory vents for the inpatient undercurrent waiting to explode. CR even pulls his harp and blows as they ride this smoking train toward the top of the tracks. When they finally give in and let it explode the entire house is vibrating at the same rock n roll frequency as they crash through double into triple time. It’s the biggest rave up of the night and a fitting second half cap.

After closing the set with such insanity, they could only come back with something as equally illicit and energized. The crowd erupts as they bounce into a Sunday Sound encore and every instrument and note combines into one, projecting the songs glittering, west coast soundscapes all around. It’s a major farewell voyage along this magnificent vessel of sonic exploration and has some of the nights heaviest subsonic bombs. A fantastic way to end one of the best shows of the southern run and one worthy of your time and spot in your live CRB collection. Grab it at the link below and get your Saturday soundtrack set!

I hope all your Freak Flags are flying high and that your weekend is full of great tunes and good times. Betty’s Volume 3 (Betty’s Self Rising Southern Blends) will be here soon and the excitement around the Brotherhood is at an all time high. Spring tour is quickly approaching and some venues are close to selling out, so get your tickets sooner than later. Bring a friend to their first show and let’s all turn on together and baptize them in the sound. PDC will be watching, casting that glorious gaze upon all those gathered in the name of groove. See you all on that dance floor of our dreams! Freak On brothers and sisters.

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Chris Robinson Brotherhood
New Orleans, Louisiana

Taking Care Of Business
Tomorrow Blues
Roan County Banjo
Oak Apple Day
The Music’s Hot
Star Or Stone
Tulsa Yesterday
Poor Elijah
Saturday Night In Oak Grove
Ain’t It Hard But Fair
Shore Power
Reflections On A Broken Mirror West L.A. Fadeaway
Vibration & Light Suite
I Ain’t Hiding
Got Love
Sunday Sound

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