“Night Sky fever has come on strong, there’s a whole lot of dark before we gonna see the dawn.” Our trips to the various troubadour temples this spring, along with our immersions into the resulting Ravens Reels, have helped solidify what our cosmic contingent has been shouting from the start. This band has not only turned some corners, but they’ve blown straight through some walls! Every show holding several of “those moments” that seemed to capture us within the CRB’s bubble of bliss. A huge Meanwhile>Tulsa, Blue Star Woman freak-outros, soul tunneling Tough Mama jams or cover tunes seemingly passed down through from our esoteric elders through time. We are so lucky to be witnessing this band and it’s community growing in such beautiful and healthy ways. Today’s entry takes us on a short journey back just a few weeks to this Saturday night in Dallas. I was instantly flooded with requests to add this one to the Almanac and it’s certainly worthy in every way. So click the link and take this ride down south for some boogie in “Big D”!

Nat Stuckey’s swinging Saturday night salute leaps from the speakers, kicking off this Dallas jailhouse dance party and setting the tone for this non-denominational celebration. This is one of those shows with a truly undefinable and undeniable special something within the notes. The opening cover tune darts around the stage, motivating the crowds movement and jovial spirit. An outstanding Roan County creeps up next and is precise and powerful from the get-go. Eventually the band can’t hold back what they’ve created and we get a take-off that, if you close your eyes and your head is “there”, feels like riding a bouncing sunbeam. The sequencing of this set is nothing short of perfect as the liquid smooth lope of High Is Not The Top takes its place. This song is quickly becoming an attention grabber when it shows up in a set and as this one clicks along at its earthy clip we are caught between it’s beat and it’s message, suspended in delight. Our attention turns to the beautiful and recognizable organic orb ascending on the horizon. We quickly focus and breathe in sync while About A Stranger gives Neal his first passage into our skulls and we follow through a shining silver forrest of sound. Jeff’s bass tethers us to reality just enough to keep us safe, for now. It is after all, just the first set. Clear Blue Sky takes a shapeshifting stance and is pure free-flowing psych-americana from the outset. Vast in scope and vision it’s carries us away and as is usual of late, never breaks down into the Good Doctor section. Instead it spins off the rails we ride and into a jam that finds everyone driving it further and further until the spontaneous conversation leads to Sunday Sound. Our anthem stands tall like a city Limits sign announcing we’ve arrived at the home of our Hallucinations Nation. Seemingly at the speed of light the band blasts in and out of jams, riffs, teases and time changes and we eventually realize we’ve left Sunday Sound long ago. It’s behind us hovering in the distance and we are raging like a terrible tide in what’s hands down the biggest and baddest Blue Star Woman jam yet. We all knew this song was going to find its wonderfully weird wings and now it soars as another fully formed astronomical analog freak out forum. Dig it! The CRB’s cosmic reconstruction of Tony Joe White’s classic get down closes the set and smiles are beaming bliss all around. What a time to be ALIVE and witnessing this band! Right on!!


If you are a frequent visitor or the Almanac or these recent Ravens Reels you’ve no doubt been aware what is happening with New Cannonball. It has magically morphed into one of the bands most gravity resistant rags. This one may very well be the biggest yet and we are pulled into the vapors as it lifts off under the power of the brotherhoods ancient propulsion system. Taking us through one of the most layered Cannonball minds eye jams ever to exist. It gradually finds its footing through Jeff and Tony’s dense darkness and once CR picks up on the raw fury just beneath the surface it’s an unstoppable force. Adam and Neal join to light a fuse, setting off a charge that echoes through the rest of the show. CR has some classic rhythm guitar work here as well. Just a masterclass in constructing a song and momentum which ultimately tumbles seamlessly into Tomorrow Blues. Relaxed but assertive, this version again finds Adam and Neal going back and forth while the rhythm section accentuates CR’s emotive lyrics and vibe. We stop just long enough to take a pull before Tony’s funky intro ties our dancing shoes. Behold The Seer fits nicely a few songs into any set, especially a second one. It’s got enough grit to keep us locked into the journey but also the bounce and boogie to wake us back up before we step through that door leading to those late second set explorations. Slowing down, tempo wise, for the honey like harmony and deliberate drift of Reflections provides some of Neal’s most intricate worlds of the night and our Wizard a canvas to lay down some lavish looks deep into ourselves. Moody Moog and Joe Tex’s soulful swaying classic leads us to the shows heart. An ancient oracle calls, beaming through thousands of years and our warp speed journey begins to the sound of a funky Ain’t It Hard But Fair. The band again comes alive as the trip begins and you clearly feel the moment swell with possibility. As Vibration & Light retracts it’s landing gear a carpeted groove branches out and the band swings into the songs expansive platform. The music scans and maps the horizon, sending blasts of unmanned sound probes in search of the next direction. Once a member of the quintet receives a report, they take the lead down a new corridor of this psychedelic space opera. Ride looms ahead but waits for that perfect moment to extend its conductive hand. Once it all fits and the transfer of energy is complete, we are caught in an edgy, galactic war. One where Adam blasts from his seat at the head of the ship. CR and Neal firing ridged riffs from their gunner seats and Jeff and Tony driving the turns and time changes with a crisp poise and determination. It’s a truly deep diverse dive that must be heard and one of the spring tours best set ending moments. Wasted Days, Wasted Nights makes its second ever appearance in as many shows and glides us back into the runway sounding more Sahm than Fender, but as faithful and respectful as the CRB handles all of their cover tunes. A great way to end a phenomenal show down in Texas.

This past spring tour held so many special shows and moments. I’m now starting my 3rd trip back through its Ravens Reels and finding so many new entries for my notebook with every listen. Fayetteville is a unique sleeper that should not be missed and may very well end up with its own entry down the line. Get this one downloading by the clicking the link below and grab a few more while you’re there. I promise you, whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed! We are still working on our Almanac Big Sur special and we’ve got some exciting announcements coming very soon. I’m still being absolutely humbled daily by all of your love and support. The kindness and friendship this community has shown me and the whole Ravens Reels Almanac team is just stunning and I’m so grateful and proud to be among all of you amazing humans. We may be all we’ve got, but we’ve sure got each other! Freak On Brothers and Sisters!!

Check out our gallery of this show here:


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Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Dallas, Texas
Sweet Thang And Cisco
Roan County Banjo
High Is Not The Top
About A Stranger
Clear Blue Sky
Sunday Sound
Blue Star Woman
Saturday Night In Oak Grove, LA
New Cannonball Rag
Tomorrow Blues
Behold The Seer
Reflections On A Broken Mirror
I Want To Do Everything For You Ain’t It Hard But Fair
Vibration And Light Suite
Wasted Days And Wasted Nights



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