A little trip in our groovy Sunday way-back machine to CR’s original statement/release on the CRB. Confirming their current mission deep into the boogie and bliss.

“Glad tidings freakers!

Just wanted to give you the good word about who is in the brotherhood and what our trip is about. First off, the players. Joining myself will be Neal Casal on guitar, Adam MacDougall on keyboards, George Sluppick on drums and Mark “Muddy” Dutton on Bass.

We’ll be playing a bunch of new songs I have been working and will be digging deep into what is happening at that musical moment. There will be old stuff that I’ve done and a handlful of covers that just feel right.

Please come with your good vibes, feel free to trip along with the bouncing ball or just float away. Remember we all want great gigs!

So if you see California, say Hello.

Keep it freaky,


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Cosmic Flashes

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