“It’s a long way around my love, be on your way, by water, by star.” Like all of this CRB family, our hearts and minds have been hurting these last few weeks. But never shall your faith wain, love is winning and always will. Our brothers and sisters need our goodwill and caring now more than ever and it’s such a beautiful site to see so may answering that call. The horrific ideological hate that landed in Barcelona last week broke my heart and just happened to coincide with my listening to lots of the CRB 2016 European tour. Surely for comfort and to remember a time of celebration and fellowship among our Barcelona Freakers and those who traveled through time and space to boogie. Music has always been my reprieve from pain and sorrow and listening to this tremendous show from 3/11/2016, at the Razzmatazz in Barcelona has been therapeutic in many ways. This is not meant to trivialize any of the recent events but to shine a light on something that most of you already know, music is more powerful than we can even fathom. It’s there when we laugh, when we cry, when we hurt and as we all are aware, it’s front and center in the times of our most liberating joy. A new full Ravens Reels Almanac entry is coming soon but in honor of those who lost their lives these past few weeks, I decided to allow the brevity of this entry to honor those lost and still fighting for love, abroad and here at home. In times like this we need music more than ever, and it feels so good to be preaching to the choir here so to speak. We love you! The CRB loves you! Freak On brothers and sisters!

Chris Robinson Brotherhood 
Barcelona, Spain 
Taking Care Of Business 
Jump The Turnstile 
Someday Past The Sunset 
Roan County Banjo 
A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall 
Eagles On The Highway 
Roll Old Jeremiah>
Can You Hear Me 
Shake Rattle And Roll 
Ain’t It Hard But Fair 
Beggar’s Moon 
Clear Blue Sky/Good Doctor 
West L.A. Fadeaway 
Vibration & Light Suite 
I Ain’t Hiding 
Shore Power 
Big River


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