The greatest sound crew “in the gods” has blissed us once again with another cosmic, mind molding capture. This time from the Charleston Music Hall, 9/28/2017. A rowdy, 11 minute Lizzie Mae helped tweak the dosage early and the fever continued on through a stellar Star Or Stone and an absolute monster half hour first set sealing New Cannonball> Poor Elijah! A focused but free second started with the jubilant jump of Venus In Chrome and a 4 song, cinematic, Barefoot pathway that lead us all much further into our own heads. Where for nearly 20 minutes, Vibration boldly bridged the synapse gap, allowing for a deep exploratory vibe to permeate even the slightest of sounds. The light has arrived so click the link and take a whole lot of groove out into the world this weekend while you help spread the news. We love you! The CRB loves you!! Freak On brothers and sisters!!!


Are you on the fence about the show? There’s a ton of amazing pictures from this night in our galleries!! Check them out here!   


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Cosmic Flashes

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