Boogie Bundles!!
(Shirts, Stickers, Betty’s Blends Vinyl & CD)

It’s a great day to be CRBeings isn’t it?! If you are dancing around the web today, check out our Ravens Reels Almanac PSYCHEDELIC-CYBER-SALE at

We’ve got some really special bundles of Matt Adam’s cosmic California stickers and shirts ready to go! And until midnight, you can even grab a copy of Betty’s Blends 3 (Vinyl or CD) in one VERY special blissed by the best bundle, so heads head over to the link and take a look! Quantities are VERY, VERY limited! Can’t wait to see these bouncing around the CRB December Barefoot Tour and I’ve got something special for each one I see! We love you!! Freak On brothers and sisters!!!

Cosmic Flashes

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