Well Freakers, the 3017 calendar has reached it’s final page, December. Tonight marks the start of the bands annual, West Coast, year ending run and we are as excited as ever! The band is on fire and this beautiful community is buzzing with plans of road trips and reunions galore. Let’s all be safe and most of all kind to each other along the way. If you can help out your fellow brother or sister please do so and let’s continue making this CRB community the best fan base on this crazy rock.

We would also like to announce a little community project some of you may be interested in, the Ravens Reels Almanac Ornament Exchange. This is exactly as it sounds, you’ll be sending an ornament and receiving one as well. Here is the scoop on how to participate……

(1) Email claire@ravensreelsalmanac.net no later than Tuesday, December 5th, with your name and mailing address and make sure to put the word ORNAMENT in the subject.

(2) Once all the names are in on the 5th, we will draw them randomly and contact you with your recipients mailing address.

(3) Purchase ($15 max) a CRB related ornament: Owls, Mushrooms, Moons, Stars or anything related you think someone will dig. Be creative and have fun! There is no right or wrong way to create, just participating is an act of rebellion and art.

(4) Mail your ornament (no later than December 19th) to the address the drawing paired you with. Then keep an eye on your mailbox for your ornament to arrive. That’s it!

(5) To help spread the love, please post ornaments received and tag us while using the hashtags #rraornamentexchange #freakholidaze

If you have any further question you can contact us at the email address listed above. Can’t wait to see everyone out on the road! We love you! The CRB loves you!! Freak On brothers and sisters!!!

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