Doing these giveaways is so much fun. We love the opportunity to share in the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, support some artists and gain support for our site with some merchandise. We get to donate money to MusiCares and we get to create a whole lot of cosmic cheer, we get to infuse some joy in packing up stuff to get in the mail to you, we get to listen to good music… There’s no reason NOT to love doing this. If there’s any downside to all of this, it’s that we can’t outright just give away a whole lot of free vinyl to everyone we possibly can. Please know that we love you, and we appreciate your support more than you know. It is an honest labor of love here, and we could NOT do it without support from the community. After all this time, we couldn’t continue like we do. You make it possible. Seriously!

Without further delay though, it is time to announce the 3 latest names we drew for some free stuff. It was of course just laying around, taking up space so we decided to do a little March Merch Madness… 

Receiving 2 Fillmore posters, 2 buttons, and a copy of Betty’s Blends Volume 1 on marbled vinyl… is JOE ANDERSON!  Thank you Joe for all your support!

We picked two other names, who will each receive the same two Fillmore posters. Those folks are:  MOLLY BUZZA and RYAN WEST!

I close this announcement with a sincere thank you, a heartfelt hug, and some serious gratitude to all of you. We WILL do this again!

-The Guys @ Raven’s Reels Almanac

Cosmic Flashes

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