Two new Reels have arrived, fresh from the Raven’s Northern California woodland keep! The 9/16 Dallas show has a great, laid back, electric country first set and a second that can hardly contain it’s “Tulsa” > “Tumbleweed” centerpiece. 9/18, from Tempe is a rock and roll show through and through from the opening “Let’s Go Let’s Go” to the double encore of “Rosalee” and Greg Loiacono taking the vocal lead on Merle’s classic honk “Working Man’s Blues.” More Reels are on the way so keep an 👁 on the Almanac and

Dallas 9/16,20270/Chris-Robinson-Brotherhood-mp3-flac-download-9-16-2018-Canton-Hall-Dallas-TX.html

Tempe 9/18,20271/Chris-Robinson-Brotherhood-mp3-flac-download-9-18-2018-Marquee-Theatre-Tempe-AZ.html

If you are on the fence, go to our live galleries and check out some images from the shows!


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