A Freaky New Mug From California Soulshine Designs.

The amazing limited edition CRB mugs we sold a few weeks ago were completely sold out in minutes. The traffic overwhelmed us so much that our website continually crashed on the levee. 

HERE COMES ROUND TWO! A brand new mug with a Freak design is about to hit the kiln! It will be available exclusively through the Raven’s Reels Almanac, on a new much more powerful store that can handle the traffic (fingers crossed).  In addition to the mugs, there are a few lyric boards coming as well! 

For the exact moment they are released, be sure you are a registered user of the Raven’s Reels Almanac – your one stop shop for the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Green Leaf Rustlers, As The Crow Flies, Circles Around The Sun, and more!


California Soulshine New Mugs

Cosmic Flashes

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