Calling Out To Freaks, Friends And Family! 

It’s been quite a busy week, but rest assured we are here, and we are here to stay.  The Raven’s Reels Almanac is the largest single wormhole into the universe of Chris Robinson, The Chris Robinson Brotherhood and ALL variety of spinoffs and side projects including Circles Around The Sun.  The Green Leaf Rustlers, As The Crow Flies and more. Through our websites and various social media platforms we aim to help create a cohesive and community based, web of comprehensive, encyclopedic photos and knowledge to help further your musical experience.

One thing that helps us grow is YOU! We already scour the web to find photos from every show we can and even at over 15,000 pics posted to date, we are still missing a lot! For a variety of reasons we do not have representation from every show played. Especially the early days when people didn’t take tons of photos, or maybe just weren’t as active online to share them in places like Facebook and Instagram. Remember MySpace???
So here’s our call out to you, to help us fill in some of these gaps!
Whether you have old photos you can share or photos you would like permanently archived by the Raven’s Reels Almanac PLEASE, contact us. WE WANT THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Curious if we need your pictures? Here’s what you do : Go to the website, head over to “The Visuals” and click the galleries for the live shows, and check out the dates we have images for, and the dates we don’t.
3 ways to get us your pictures:
Email the pictures to
Create a drop box or shared account online… and send a link to so we can get them. We want them all.
Still confused? Ask us to create a shared dropbox. We’ll send you a link, and you can upload them there.
So what kind of pictures do we want? The band, the audience, you, your friends, the venue, the marquee, the merch table, EVERYTHING! If it happened on that day, in that town, during the concert or outside, we want to see it. So find your old phones, your old computers, your old files and share them with the world! We want to document the experience of every show. NOW, THEN, AND INTO THE FUTURE!
Looking for us online to ask us questions about this process? Contact us!
Thanks for your continued love and support! We love you!! 
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