It’s getting hot out there, so it’s time for you to spring into a 2019 CRB Summer with us here at the Raven’s Reels Almanac.

Recently we’ve been busy with some personal projects, and projects behind the scenes. There’s lots going on, lots on the way, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

First let’s talk about our Spring patches. YES you can still order them. These limited edition patches will close for ordering TOMORROW. We have left them up for order a little longer, because the machine to make them with, decided it was time for a repair sabbatical. It’s back in business now and we want to close these out. So if you want a patch, hurry on over to the store and pick one up by clicking HERE.

Have you seen the Dale Dreiling RRA shirts, appearing in social media online? Chad Galactic, Jeff Hill and several others have graced the images on our screens, sporting our cool new design. There are FIVE shirts left in stock. That’s it. Pick one up here.

Interested in our older shirts? Pick one up at 50% off, while they last. Give one as a gift to a friend. Your support helps us keep the site running.

The Green Leaf Rustlers are also headed back on the road for a few dates. Did you see the jewelry we have for them? John Molo was recently showing off his MusesBright creation. Check them out.

As always check out our batiks from Demon Dyes!

Circles Around The Sun have recently wrapped their most recent tour. Be sure and check out the setlists in the CRBase and look for images from the shows in our galleries.

There are SIX tour dates coming up for the Chris Robinson Brotherhood. Then they head to Europe before taking a breather for a little while. Check out the tour dates and tickets here.

While the band takes their well deserved respite, we at The Raven’s Reels Almanac are bringing you continual good cheer : we have a sticker sale coming up with a great vinyl giveaway, we have new art coming out tied to some of your favorite California bands, we’ve got other irons in the fire, and a few surprises up our sleeves that we know you’re going to love. So stick with us as we follow the CRB, CATS, The Green Leaf Rustlers, and every other project that comes up in the next days and weeks.

We love you, and the band loves you!

~ Raven’s Reels Almanac

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