Since our inception, people have turned to the Raven’s Reels Almanac to ask about live show releases. When will they be available for download? Will a certain show be released? Why wasn’t a certain show released?

With the recent events in our Freak Family, it feels as if the brakes have been applied. Today though, we got the go-ahead to give you the what’s-what with the live releases.

First let’s review what goes into getting one of the live releases out to the fans. Suffice to say it is a super time consuming, tedious task that takes about 4 hours per show to get everything just exactly perfect. Multiply however many shows are missing by 4 hours each, and you can imagine how much time it will take to get the shows out. Not to mention, with the turn of events recently, it is even difficult and emotional for Raven to mix these songs.  A lot of history comes up and although most of it is incredibly positive, it is an intense road for us to ask him to go down every day.

That being said, there is every intention to assure that this band is properly documented, with high quality live releases, as completely as possible. That’s where the Almanac is helping out. You’re all familiar with the CRBase, the searchable database of live shows that we maintain. We have extracted that information and provided it to the powers that be, with a cross-reference to all the shows released, and all the shows missing, from the Live Chris Robinson Brotherhood site. This information has been given to Raven. All the shows that can be released, there is every intention to release them.  In the case that a show cannot be released (missing masters, bad mix, technical issues with the recording) the CRBase will have the information for WHY the show wasn’t released. You’ll either get the soundboard link right there, or we’ll point you to an audience recording, or a video, or something else… where an official release isn’t possible. 
There is no guarantee, but there is an intention to attempt to get one show out per day, starting December 1st. Don’t hold anyone to that number, it’s a guess… but that’s when you can start to look for possible new shows coming out from 2011 to 2019.
In the meantime, please continue to support the band by downloading the already released live shows.
If possible please consider supporting us by picking up some of our reduced price stickers and shirts, or the artists in the community who provide the jewelry and batiks for us. You can check it all out at our store. 
Thanks folks! Get in touch with us with any questions, and keep an eye out for more upcoming news.
And don’t forget to follow Circles Around The Sun on their current tour, as we archive their setlists and pictures here as always.
Much Love!


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