It’s Neal Casal’s 51st birthday, and it’s time for a 51 hour giveaway!

That’s right! Greetings freak family! It’s been a while since we’ve done this, but we wanted to come up with something special for Neal’s birthday. So starting now, and running for 51 hours (closing Monday night, 9pm EST) we are running a giveaway tied to our store sales. 

Admittedly the summer has been difficult, not only emotionally, but musically and in regards to our Almanac site, a little financially too. Yeah it’s not free to run our site. So this super sized giveaway gives you the opportunity to celebrate Neal’s birthday, help the site, help the artists who make products in the store, win a ton of stuff, maybe give some away and make some other fans happy? It’s up to you.

For every $1 you spend in our store, located at, you will get one entry into the giveaway. Entries close Monday night 11/4/19 at 9pm EST.   What can you buy? Anything! Remaining Almanac Shirts are 50% off from their original price. Stickers are reduced to $1 each. You could get some handmade Batiks… you could get some CRB or Green Leaf Rustler jewelry!

What’s in the package to win? 

2 vinyl albums – Servants of the Sun, and Phosphorescent Harvest. Both new. Thanks to Boa for donating the Harvest LP.

6 vintage CRB stickers. 4 of which, also donated to us for giveaways, by Boa. Thank you so much, friend!

A “vinyl” poster from the Great Alaska Music Festival in 2018. Thank you Cheryl Hickey for donating this to us.

A poster from a 2016 Fillmore show!

And finally, a 2015 handbill poster, from the Chop Shop in Charlotte, NC. We saw the guys in a pizza place this night, talked about the band, Circles Around the Sun and so much more. 

Also if you’re interested, we still have $5 stickers for fire relief in California! Every dollar for these stickers, in the past, has been donated in the name of the Chris Robinson Brotherhood.  For this giveaway, every sticker you buy will be $5 donated to fire relief, in loving memory of Neal Casal.

Good luck! Thanks for checking this out! Thank you for supporting us! Thanks for helping with fire relief! 

We love you Neal Casal!

Cosmic Flashes

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