Hello friends, freaks, brothers, sisters and CRBeings of all extraterrestrial origins!

2019 has turned out to be a difficult year. We all know why, but we’re all gonna pull into the next bus stop together.

Usually we kick off our annual ornament exchange in October, yet here we are at December 1st…. with nothing announced. We’ve asked some friends if we should do this in 2019 or skip a year and the response has been varied. We’ve heard absolutely not, maybe, yes, if you do it I will participate, and most commonly “maybe it will help someone this year”.

Based on all that, the important thing is, “maybe it will help someone this year”.  Again the holiday season is fast approaching and it’s shaping up to be a busy one.

With last years amazing response and participation in mind, and this years tentative participation, we want to simply facilitate the opportunity for the community to stay in touch. It’s 12/1/19. Can we get this done by 12/6/19??? Let’s try!

We were completely blown away by the wealth of creative and unique ways everyone expressed themselves last year and knowing this community, you’ll be continuing down that same beautiful path again. Participation is just as easy as last year so get involved and help bring a little extra Vibration and Light to someone’s holiday season! Make someone’s holiday bright. Spread the love. There is NO theme to this giveaway. Just exchange cheer, an ornament and maybe a hug (virtual is ok).. We’re just the facilitator in this. If you don’t want to participate, or can’t, no pressure. Don’t. It’s ok.  If you want to……

Here’s how to participate…

(1) Email your name and address to ox2019@ravensreelsalmanac.net by Friday, December 6th and make sure you include the words ORNAMENT in the subject.

(2) Once all the names/addresses are in we will randomly pair you with someone and reply back by email with all the info on where to mail your ornament/gift to.

(3) Purchase or create ($15 max) an ornament, it can be a CRB related gift but it doesn’t have to be: Mushrooms, Owls, Moons, Stars or anything band related that you think someone will dig. Remember to be creative and have fun! There is no right or wrong way to get involved and again, just being creative is an act of rebellion and individuality!

4) If you have a special blessing or prayer request or need to reach out because you need to talk to someone, need a friend, need a hug… just include a small note… and an email or phone number. We’ll pair you with someone to reach out.

(4) Mail your package/gift no later than December 10th. That means you’re gonna have to shop, and ship fast!!!  That will assure everyone gets their package in time to incorporate it into their holiday season’s decorations and fun! Then, keep and eye on your mailbox for your partners package to arrive. That’s it!

(5) Help spread the love and show off our amazing and talented freak family. Please post whatever you receive to social media, tag us and use the hashtag #rraornamentexchange

We love you! The CRB loves you!! Freak On!!!

Cosmic Flashes

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