It’s time for a quick update about the live reels coming out, as well as the current status of the ornament exchange.

Let’s go back to 10/22/19, where we gave some news on the upcoming catalog updates, and new live releases being worked on. Do you remember that news?? Well at the time, we let you know that as of 12/1/19 we would hopefully start seeing some new shows drop. Here’s the latest… the releases are on track! The plan is to work backwards from latest to earliest show releases. The work has not yet begun, but our pal Raven plans to pull up the first show starting tonight! Get ready folks over at Nugs, it’s about to get busy!!

Next let’s just talk about the ornament exchange. We’re short on time to get it done, but not short on desire. We have 16 participants already. We’ve always got room for more. On Friday (December 6th) you will get paired up with someone, and you will have 72 hours to get your ornament in the mail. Go buy something now so you’re ready.

A few notes folks… ok?  We’re NOT responsible if your ornament is lost in the mail. There’s not much we can do if you send an ornament out and don’t get one back. Feelings hurt? Sorry. That’s the best we can offer. This exchange is in good faith, we’re just facilitating. So let’s keep the CRB magic alive, and get this exchange going. Don’t celebrate? Just trade a gift. Trade a live release. Trade something? I don’t know. It’s just a time to make another person’s day brighter. Take advantage of that without expecting anything in return, and you will find that no matter what happens.. you receive personal reward.

Love you all, keep it freaky, get that music playing… and get ready to get some new shows from the archive!

Coming soon… more Almanac entries as we review some new show releases. Stay tuned for more giveaways too.

~ Raven’s Reels Almanac ~


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