Friendly Freaks gather ’round, here’s a quick note of news.
It’s December 5th. Tomorrow (12/6) we’re going to email out match-ups for the ornament exchange. How awesome the response has been! Lots of super sweet notes accompanying the email info, it’s really appreciated! So if you want to participate, there’s still time to make someone’s day brighter. Just email your contact info to You can see further details earlier on this page, or on our website.
Live releases have been given to Nugs, and it’s just waiting on them now. With these releases the European tour will be done, and it’s back stateside for more shows. Got the updates on shows coming out or not and why… it will all be in CRBase on each show. Here’s the info though, if Betty recorded it, it’s on hold for now. 7/14/19 and 7/21/19 both have tech issues with the recordings, so those ones will not be coming out. Better to know than keep waiting though, right?
Keep an eye on the downloads… they should be there soon. More on the way!
Once the ornament exchange is done, we’ll get to next items to catch up on including another giveaway, another Almanac entry, more pictures uploaded, and some more stuff in the works.
Always a hoot…
~ Raven’s Reels Almanac ~
Cosmic Flashes

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