It’s time for Tales From The Raven’s Road and Other Things

Greeting from the Raven’s Reels Almanac
SO much is going on it’s hard to keep it all straight. So let’s start listing some things out.

First off, we’ve got the Brothers of a Feather tour. Have you been? Are you going? Chris and Rich tour the states for a bit, throwing out an acoustic souldown for all.

Our wonderful friends in Circles Around the Sun have kicked off another tour, with Scott Metzger stepping into Neal’s space. Adam, Mark and Dan bring some cosmic cosmos to your town.

Crowesbase and CRBase are getting updated with setlists and photos from all the shows… Check them out!

Gary Waldman is giving out tons of information on the upcoming Neal Casal tribute album. Mixed feelings on this one. Super excited for it to come out!! Super sad the reason why it even has to be done!! Miss you Neal!!

The First Annual Freak Family Reunion inches closer, and surprises abound. Can’t wait!!

Now it’s time for the “And Other Things”…

Lastly, talk about a cluster bomb of both name- and news- drops. Who listened to Tales From The Golden Road on Grateful Dead XM Radio last week? At just after an hour and 5 minutes in, a story was told of friendship found through music. It went on to mention The Grateful Dead, David Gans, Neal Casal, The CRB, and more. Micki Lahr and Need Shelter were mentioned, as was Michael Barr who did a CRB painting, Reflections on PDC. Lastly a tie in with Pacific Range, Curation Records and Brent Rademaker. A whirlwind of fun, friendship and fellowship. Speaking of Pacific Range, they’re running that vinyl pre-order over at Curation Records. There’s only about 20 limited edition vinyl albums left, a little birdie told me. After that it’s just the black vinyl. That same little birdie said we’re hours away from the first Pacific Range music video, and digital download track being available! We will definitely be groovin’ to their vibes.. Want to go back and hear the archive show from the XM Channel, you can get it by clicking here.

Remember folks, email us with any stories, news, pictures, archive pictures… we’re looking for it all.

Love ya and talk again at ya real soon!!!

~Raven’s Reels Almanac~

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