Greetings from the Raven’s Reels Alamanac!
As we sit in our houses, or work at our essential jobs across the globe, please take some time to read this as we have some news and requests for the community.

Millions of people across the globe have lost their jobs. Musicians have lost their paying gigs. Record releases have been greeted by closed record stores. Service industry jobs have gone on furlough, and artisans sit in their studios wondering where to share their wares. We have a few news announcements, then we’ll introduce the Raven’s Reels Reinforcements.

Since the hiatus of the band The Raven’s Reels Almanac has soldiered on and at times struggled to find it’s footing. I will take one brief moment to say that the Almanac is not going anywhere. This time in lockdown is being used to refresh the site, update the CRBase, and more. You will see lots of new soundboards coming out, VERY soon… stay tuned because all the news on what’s coming out and when, will be found HERE at the Almanac. That’s right! When the lockdown ends, the Almanac will continue following Chris Robinson, his associated bands, the guys from the CRB, Circles Around the Sun, and more. You will also see an alignment of the Raven’s Reels Almanac with more West Coast musicians, and more!!

Now for the Raven’s Reels Reinforcements. If you are wondering how to support local musicians and artists, we have curated this list of friends for you to check out. We’ll go over several folks who could use your support during this time. Check the list below! The store names are bolded, underlined, and CLICKABLE. Hit them to go right to their store! We’ll turn this into a weekly mailer, and update the list with new names. If you want to be added, contact me at


~Raven’s Reels Almanac~

  1. Raven’s Reels Almanac – Clearance shirts and stickers in the store. Also look you can support several artists who make batiks, jewelry, art and more, related to the CRB and associated acts like the Green Leaf Rustlers. Interested in joining the Almanac during the lockdown? We need your help. The Almanac is a team of ONE… and it’s a lot to do as a loner. Any help always appreciated. Email me if you’re interested :
  2. Curation Records– Brent Rademaker has started his own record label and has dropped their first vinyl album from the great band Pacific Range. Check out his website and store, for information. Check out the music on YouTube if you want to see videos or stream the album
  3. Chad Galactic – Your friendly tour manager from the CRB and Green Leaf Rustlers has his own website with a great CD and Vinyl available for purchase. Check it out!
  4. Cannabis Health Coach – Interested in some superior CBD product? Kim Foster is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the tinctures and oils you need. Check her new website out! Use a code her code to get discounts!
  5. MusesBright Handcrafted Jewelry – Laura Zatt has provided the Raven’s Reels Almanac with jewelry product for the last several years. CRB related, Green Leaf Rustlers… it’s all in our store. Interested in Laura’s own designs, check them out by going to her Etsy store. 
  6. Hair Of The Wolf Potion Company – Christophe Marchal… in a word, amazing! He did tons of art for the Almanac including our logo, CRBase logo, and several stickers. He also did the art for the Unicorn California movie. Interested? Check him out!
  7. California Soulshine Designs – Great pottery from Kristy Edmonds. It goes fast so don’t delay if she has something for sale. It certainly won’t last more than a few minutes!!
  8. Demon Dyes and Batiks – John Blanton has been doing CRB related batiks for the Almanac for years. Check them out in our store. Want to see his other designs, or talk to him about a commissioned piece? Check out his site! We love Demon Dyes!
  9. Brushstrokes by Maria – Maria Castellano-Usery is a talented artist and painter who has done several pieces you’ve seen online, on magnets, and thus on refrigerators. Check her work out here!
  10. Jill Leighton – Last but certainly not least, is Jill Leighton. You haven’t seen a lot of her work yet, but she did a portrait of Brent Rademaker posted online, one of Neal Casal, that we have, and one of Neal that ended up with Gary Waldman. She’s a singer, songwriter, and a true angel. This Scottish songstress and artist will be selling some of her products through the Raven’s Reels Almanac store. We’ll also be working with her on other projects as we can… but click her name.. check her out. She’s INCREDIBLE and we’re happy to get her art out to you to enjoy. Check out her sweet voice by clicking here on YouTube
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