Hello fellow locked down freaks.

Another collaboration is kicking off with The Raven’s Reels Almanac, and California Soulshine Designs!!

That’s Right!!! Our amazing friend Kristy, from California Soulshine Designs has provided us with SIX Freak Mugs that are immediately available in our store. Yes, they sell out fast and by the time you’re reading this they’re likely gone. Don’t worry, another batch is soon to be in the works, and maybe more! Keep on reading…

Due to the quarantine keeping people indoors, stores and markets closed, and travel limited, we’ve begged and pleaded and we’re going to share a little sunshine from California Soulshine!! So get this – If the F mug is sold out, what we’ve created on the item description, is a WISHLIST! Yes you can sign up with your contact information, expressing your desire for a little magic in your life. This is not a guarantee of an order, a guarantee of fulfillment, or a guaranteed delivery. For the first time though, we are able to provide a list of items, quantities and names, and QUITE POSSIBLY MAYBE get you the piece of pottery you’ve always wanted. No purchase necessary at this time!

If demand is overwhelming, it could take longer. If demand is small, maybe nothing is made. This is your time though to stand up and say if you ship it, I will buy it!!! Let’s let Kristy know how much we love her, how much we love her work, and how we appreciate this WONDERFUL opportunity to request to buy something! You may not get this opportunity again!!


Cosmic Flashes

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