HEY! Are you ready for some Rare Merchandise from the Crowes and CRB?

Haven’t sent out any Cosmic Flashes in a while, I’ve been keeping most updates to Instagram and Facebook. Here we are mid way through summer though, as the country and world start to open back up, and live music kicks off again.

Will you be at a Crowes show? A Grateful Shred show? Circles Around The Sun? How about one of the bands from the Curation Records label? Lots of great music is going on, and I can’t wait to see you all at the shows.

If you haven’t seen the announcements, there is a new section of the Almanac Store. It’s called RRAre Merchandise. (See what I did there?)

Band Proofs of posters, rare shirts, sweatshirts, and more. All from a single owner, collected over many years. I’ve still got about 60 CRB shirts to put online. Most are sized XL or XXL. There’s only 1 of each item in most cases, sometimes 2. This is not overstock or something being bought out, this is a friend who is selling their collection, and we’re helping.

In addition there’s some pre-made batiks made that you can check out. Keep an eye on the store! It’s gonna take a while to get all this online!

Cosmic Flashes

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