We all know how the covid-19 pandemic affected touring musicians. A close friend whose job opportunities all but vanished, had to let go of his years of CRB and Black Crowes merchandise he’d acquired from countless miles and months (years!) on the road.

Well, in 2022 here, it’s Christmas in July. He reached out this afternoon and asked me to drop the prices on things across the board. There’s a few new items in the store, and more new items on the way! There’s posters, artist proofs, crew shirts, rare shirts, hats, jackets. Soon I’ll be adding some of the old stickers and koozies. Check back often!

Each item is only available in quantity ONE unless otherwise noted. If you’re looking for something, check it out in the store.  If you want to make an offer, send an email and I’ll give a call to see if he will negotiate! Some amazing and rare stuff is in here, thanks for checking it out.

Cosmic Flashes

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