Be happy, and be sad. But most importantly, be happy.
Neal would have celebrated his birthday today, with us. Instead we celebrate it with him above us, around us, and within us.
When Neal passed, for the longest time so many of us could not listen to his music. Some still can’t. For anyone I was able to discuss this decision with, I always came back to the same thing: Neal would want you to listen to the music. And in my opinion, you need to get back into it with the CRB show from 11/2/2014, at The Chapel in Raleigh, NC. One of my most favorite shows ever. Neal’s birthday show. The crowd sings to him, and the playing is off into another level of atmospheric resonance. You can listen to this show, get out a good cry like I did back in late 2019, and realize the magic is still there.
The picture in this post comes from Elise Hines, taken 11/2/2014. From the birthday show. Neal was in front of us, playing his heart out.
If I gave you the 11/2/2014 show, share some thoughts here. If you haven’t heard it, well…. Let me know. We’ll work it out.  😉
Two quick announcements to add to this post:
Tomorrow, look for an email announcing the SIXTH annual Raven’s Reels Ornament Exchange. Kicking it off early this year, the email link is already open if you want to participate. Rules are the same as always, the email this year is
Lastly, please check out our store. Every year I barely scrape by enough money to keep the site going. Buying things I make in the store helps me keep it going. Also there’s still lots of CRB and Black Crowes merch, from your favorite CRB/TBC band member(s) who are letting go of personal effects to lessen the covid-19 hit that being unable to tour took on them. Check them out.
Take care of yourselves, and take care of each other.
We love and miss you Neal.
Happy Birthday.


There will be another mail tomorrow, but advance notice on the 2022 Exchange:

Here’s how to participate…

(1) Email your name and address to by Saturday December 11th and make sure you include the words ORNAMENT in the subject. 

(2) Once enough names/addresses are in we will randomly pair you with someone and reply back by email with all the info on where to mail your ornament/gift to.

(3) Purchase or create ($15 max recommended) an ornament, it can be a CRB related gift but it doesn’t have to be: Mushrooms, Owls, Moons, Stars or anything band related that you think someone will dig. Curation Records related? Music related?  Remember to be creative and have fun! There is no right or wrong way to get involved and again, just being creative is an act of rebellion and individuality!

4) If you have a special blessing or prayer request or need to reach out because you need to talk to someone, need a friend, need a hug… just include a small note… and an email or phone number. We’ll pair you with someone to reach out.

(4) Mail your package/gift no later than December 10th. That means you’re gonna have to shop, and ship fast!!!  That will assure everyone gets their package in time to incorporate it into their holiday season’s decorations and fun! Then, keep and eye on your mailbox for your partners package to arrive. That’s it!

(5) Help spread the love and show off our amazing and talented freak family. Please post whatever you receive to social media, tag us and use the hashtag #rraornamentexchange

We love you! The CRB loves you!! Freak On!!!

Remember, email to

Cosmic Flashes

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