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The Chris Robinson Brotherhood - On Tour!

Chris Robinson Brotherhood is an American blues and psychedelic rock band from Unicorn, California. The band was formed in 2011 by Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson while the band was on hiatus. The current members include Chris Robinson — lead vocals, guitars (2011–present), Neal Casal — guitars, vocals (2011–present), Adam MacDougall — keyboards, vocals (2011–present), Tony Leone — drums (2015–present), Jeff Hill – bassist (2016–present).

Chris describes the Brotherhood as a “farm-to-table psychedelic band”.   He also notes that CRB “isn’t the type of band that’s going to make a concise four-minute song record”. They prefer instead to make lengthier compositions. The CRB typically is on tour throughout the year, and occasionally makes a symphonic sojourn across Europe. Catch the band on tour as they bring the cosmic boogie woogie to a town near you!

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