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The Thanks

 The Raven’s Reels Almanac would not be possible without the generous participation of countless individuals. This page will be growing in size and we’ll update it in a way to properly reflect the gratitude we need to express. There’s also no way to recognize everyone in a list that is fair and inclusive, but you should know from talking or meeting us, we are EXTREMELY grateful to all who grant us the privilege to do what we do. Credit is given everywhere we can tag it, if we missed something, just let us know. We know we owe the credits and apologize for any and all oversights as they occur.

Credits and thanks to Chris Robinson, Neal Casal, Adam MacDougall, Jeff Hill, Tony Leone, Sean Grogan, Chris Albers, Camille Johnson, Stuart Levine, Jon Cornick, Boa, the CRB management family, Matt Adams, Mike Sportes, Shawn Esposito, John and Lynn Blanton, Christophe Marchal, Brian, Chuck, Billy Norris, Laura Zatt, Helen Kennedy, Mark Pinkus, Kristy Edmonds, Dave Lemieux, David Gans, Chad Galactic, Brian Sarkin, Dale Dreiling, Gabe Richesson, Greg Deocampo, Jeff Hahne, all the CRBeings and fans of the music, and of course our families and friends – which means ALL of you. Just because we didn’t name you by name at the time this was posted, doesn’t mean we don’t love you. We Love You! The CRB Loves You!!


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